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One way of judging value add is whether you will be asked to carry our further sessions and I will be talking to the team about when to get you back Kevin, thankyou

Business Leader, IT

A massive thank you to Kevin for your seminar at our recent sales conference and how “inspired” it left many people feeling! I have had terrific feedback from a number of people, not only on the content but also on the superb way that you delivered it. It was the way you made it land that will make the difference.

Regional Sales Manager, Retail

Kevin, you have done a stunning job with my Region over the last few weeks. I thought the experience and in depth knowledge you bring to the training is so valuable. Your style was great as it always is and worked so well with the management population. You switch something on in the majority of cases, if not all of them to now stop and think about how they can do things differently and what the consequences may be of their actions.

Regional Sales Manager, Retail

Thank you to Kevin for the excellent delivery of the management training course. I though you conduct the training fantastically and really brought the material to life. You make everyone feel comfortable and their views and opinions valued, you engaged everyone and got their minds working before each session. It was the best course I have been on, whilst the material was good it was your charismatic approach and ability to demonstrate that brought the material and the course to life.

Area Sales Manager

In a word Kevin you were “fantastic”! Right from our initial engagement, you took the time to understand my requirements by asking me open/searching questions, offered suggestions of what works in different scenarios, sought information about the probable audience , all of which gave me the confidence in your ability to deliver something that was fit for purpose. Everything you delivered, and the manner in which you delivered it, was excellent – you transformed the audience from several rows of people sitting with their arms crossed to people who were highly engaged. I’ve had lots of positive feedback about the session, particularly from a few individuals who I really hoped would benefit from it. You made such a good impact I suspect you might be getting further requests from other groups!

IT Delivery Manager

Karen’s work is always completed to the highest standards and on many occasions will go above and beyond the brief to deliver beyond expectations.

Business Leader, L&D Department

Karen is proactive in seeking to move the agenda forward and always positive in her outlook. She commands he respect of those around her and is often sought out by colleagues for her technical expertise.

Business Leader, L&D Department

Karen receives positive feedback from business stakeholders, whom she relates to extremely well to provide them with a great service, whilst also holding a commercial line to ensure that resources were best allocated.

Business Leader, L&D Department

Karen is well planned and she never shirks away from tackling the difficult issues when they arive – showing good judgement in deciding upon how to respond.

Business Leader, L&D Department

Karen you managed the complex organisation design project well. You managed to keep track of all the various twists, turns and permutations and have helped us keep a track of what’s going on and where. I am sure at times it has felt like herding cats, but your approach has always been calm and diplomatic.

Human Resources, Business Partner

Karen your manner is always very approachable, flexible, pragmatic and cheery (particularly welcomed during difficult times). You actively listen to any concerns raised and take prompt action to try to resolve. You have a good attention to detail and make prompt communication. It has been a pleasure working with you and I believe you have added real value.

Human Resources Manager

Patience and tenacity are qualities that I have seen Karen demonstrate, especially in some of the more challenging project meetings! And a good sense of humour which always helps!

Human Resources Manager