developing people


Inspire's coaching service can be tailored to meet your needs.

Coaching is there to help individuals and teams to attain their goals. Goals can be personal or business related. For example an individual might want to explore ways to improve their confidence in certain situations or raise their performance levels.

Firstly we work with you to ensure that coaching is the answer.

Secondly, together, we match the individual or the team with the most appropriate coach.

Thirdly, you will benefit from a professional coaching service that will enable the coachee to maximise their potential.

You can be confident that the coach inspire will provide you with will have many hours coaching experience across all levels of roles, from Sales/Service Advisers to First Line Managers, Second Line Managers and Departmental heads.

Kevin is an expert coach, he makes it appear so effortless

Deputy Head Teacher

Kevin is very passionate about his role of a coach and eager to keep it on the agenda, he helped me through a very difficult time and I'm pleased to say I feel 100% better for his help.

Sales Manager

Karen has been an excellent support. Karen made it easy for me to confide, I always felt listened to and understood. Karen enabled me to see past my own personal barriers and allowed me to make practical steps that were measurable and achievable towards my personal development

L&D Consultant

Karen is a very passionate and motivational manager to work for. It was an absolute pleasure to work for Karen, as she gave me so much support and coached me through some difficult times. The opportunities that she gave me to further my development not only stretched my capabilites but enabled me to perform and delivery quality and specialist knowledge in my role and from an L&D perspective

L&D Consultant